Tungsten price consolidation this week to see pan-asian APT inventory

This week, the overall domestic tungsten price continued to be weak and stable, environmental protection, high temperature, production reduction, maintenance, smelting plant low operating rate situation will not change, upstream holders of goods at low prices cautious to take orders. Recent sino-us economic and trade consultation news and pan-asia nonferrous metals related products involved in the auction news, leading to the risk aversion of the industry showed, downstream buyers of tungsten market demand, capital and inventory expectations are not optimistic, enter the inquiry is flat. At present, there are many uncertain factors in the market difficult to implement, the game situation of supply and demand of the industrial chain is obvious, the floor of the general trading, trading around the low rigid demand.

In the tungsten concentrate market, the limited selling price of raw materials and mines is the main support factor for the current industrial chain market. The bidding space of merchants for cash exchange is limited by the cost side. Smelting enterprises maintain low operating rate in the face of environmental protection inspection and capital turnover pressure, and the stockholder has a strong desire to build the bottom. However, due to the back end of the pace of goods delivery is slow, the market is not active, the focus of the trade stalemate consolidation.

In APT market, after the final judgment of the pan-asian people involved in the case was concluded in late July, the industry’s caution about the product flow began to show. Fears that nearly 30,000 tonnes of APT stock would enter the market were heightened on Wednesday by news that the  pan-asian case involved antimony and rare earth stocks that were due to be auctioned at the end of August. Standoff industrial chain upstream and downstream business divisions and the worry is that the direction of pan-asian inventory continues to affect trade business participating in market confidence, difficult mining difficult to sell, smelting enterprises operating 

Post time: Aug-19-2019
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