Tungsten market

This week domestic tungsten maintain stable overall price, market fundamentals still stalemate, raw material side would not benefit shipment, temporarily as a center of the market to provide certain support, but the demand side slump is still difficult to mitigate, continue to crack down on the spot market trading atmosphere, participants generally wait to take the initiative to offer enthusiasm is not high, lack of strong news about future expected direction.

Tungsten concentrates on the market, the recent news producers frequency has reduced production flow, raw material supply the spot is limited, but the actual producers still have certain inventory, just raise interest, more than passive, thrown at cheap prices, but the downstream user consumption ability and enthusiasm is not high, the market overall slow delivery, supervision of environmental protection action since the middle of July, boost confidence, on the surface of the merchants in the cost of tungsten concentrate market trading volume continued stability of state as a whole.

APT market, spot transaction is the early stage of the change is not obvious, the downstream demand pressures facing the enterprises are still at the forward end reversed transmission, enquiry is limited, just need to be APT smelting factories enthusiasm, upstream consumption and add raw emotion is not high also, lack of overall market fundamentals xinli, traders on the operation, weak main steady running.

Tungsten powder on the market, the court offer relatively chaos, upstream firm market standoff with market price is not enough to digest the demand side, the bearish mood of downstream alloy enterprise about future expectations are still pessimistic view, ready for the intention is low, the floor atmosphere overall downturn, businesses operating enthusiasm is not high, risk aversion, subject.

Post time: Jul-27-2019
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