Tungsten market

This week domestic tungsten price standoff has a tentative upward trend, but the high trading atmosphere is obviously depressed, the mainstream market mentality is still wait-and-see. The raw material end in the environmental supervision atmosphere and the second quarter since a long time to reduce production suspension operation, gradually release the supply of tightening signal, holding the goods to cover the goods look forward to rising, mainstream tungsten prices have been explored, but the actual single transaction level is still under pressure, the market as a whole presents a price without market stalemate. Expectations have improved after the traditionally slow consumer season, but participants still have some concerns about pan-asian inventories.

Tungsten concentrates on the market, mining capacity release under supervision of environmental protection, natural disasters and the influence of enterprise reducing production, and its suppliers more reluctant to cheap shipping cost factor is concerned, the tungsten ore spot resource as a whole in the lower position, so compared with pan-asian inventory, the miners more concern is the terminal consumer demand and corporate cash flow problems, short-term market price rised’s intention is stronger, “golden nine silver ten” wait for months enquiry recovery cycle.

In APT market, macro economic and trade consultation and pan-asian inventory flow are not clear yet, market sentiment is generally cautious, and purchase and sales operation is less active.Smelting enterprises in the cost, order pressure, explore the lack of cooperation with the transaction, let profits face upside down risk, the overall transaction negotiations are still high and low, manufacturers stabilize the market, low operating rate, wait and see the pan-asia inventory auction information, and after the new round of institutions and large enterprises guide the price direction.

In the tungsten powder market, the trading market was also in a stalemate, and under the pressure of low orders at the back end and sluggish corporate capital, there were still some merchants with the idea of cash bidding, and the market confidence was relatively empty, but the cost end insisted that the factory profit was squeezed obviously, and the price of tungsten powder was in a weak consolidation state as a whole.

Post time: Sep-02-2019
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