Tungsten concentrate, ammonium secondary tungstate, tungsten powder

This week, the domestic price of tungsten overall steady running, lack of adjustment of power market, a new round of listed companies tungsten single also maintain price levels before long, combined with the pan-asian APT inventory flow and the uncertainty of international economic and trade with the domestic economic situation, market participants wait-and-see attitude is relatively strong, the upstream market supply and demand adjustment and keep an eye on cost of support.

In the market of tungsten concentrate, holding the price of goods steady, the mine profit is obviously squeezed, the production enterprise does not accept the low order, and the downstream receiving capacity is also relatively limited, the market is cold. In APT market, the quotation of upstream sources of goods is relatively high compared with the inquiry of downstream purchasers. The inverted pressure of smelting plants is still prominent. In the light trading market, the operation of large area reduction and production suspension occurs.

Post time: Aug-26-2019
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