Tungsten alloy paperweight, unique material, bring a different experience!

Paperweight is a traditional handicraft unique to China. As its name implies, paperweight is an object that suppresses paper to keep it flat. As one of the stationery, paperweight has a deep cultural background. Ancient literati often put small bronze, jade on the desk to play appreciation, because they have a certain weight, so people in play at the same time, will also be used to press paper or book, over time, developed into a paperweight.

Legend CAI lun invented paper, due to the paper to remove from the water after the need for outdoor air is basked in, but because of the wind is very big, outdoor paper has often been blown ground roll, or blown out of order, so air is basked in the workers can conveniently pick up some small stones on the ground of the paper four Angle pin, this method is simple and practical.

Because the study is the self-world of literati, many ancient literati named themselves after their own study, which can be seen the status of the study in the hearts of literati. Therefore, paperweight, as an important tool of study, has various textures and styles.

In ancient times, most paperweights adopted the three-dimensional modeling of rabbits, horses, sheep, deer, toads and other animals, with small area and heavy weight. During the Ming and qing dynasties, the types of paperweights were increased by stone, rosewood, ebony and so on. But jade is fragile, wood is easy to decay, iron is easy to rust, and copper is easy to affect the appearance of oxidation. Therefore, it has developed into a kind of tungsten alloy paperweight that is not easy to rust, durable and corrosion-resistant, and can be used for a long time.

Tungsten alloys, also known as high-specific tungsten alloys, are alloys based on tungsten with the addition of other elements. Its products are usually manufactured by WNiFe or WNiCu or WNiCuFe through powder metallurgy processes. According to the requirements of different USES and working environments, the tungsten content of high density tungsten alloy products is usually distributed as 79%W~97%W, and the density range is 15.00g/cm~18.50g/cm.Meanwhile, some rare metal elements (Co,Mo,Cr, etc.) can be added to improve the performance of some products, such as hardness, ultimate tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, etc.

Due to the unique characteristics of tungsten alloy, tungsten alloy paperweight has a high hardness, which guarantees a long aesthetic feeling and never fades. The surface is highly polished, scratchable, and lasts longer than any metal.It’s about 10 times harder than 18 carat gold, four times harder than titanium, and it never deforms.

Tungsten alloy paperweight has different specifications and weights, and can be engraved on the surface of a variety of patterns, greetings, gifts, mottos, etc., is not only the necessity of their own study, but also the best gift to friends.In addition, the surface of tungsten alloy paperweight can be gilded, and the gilded paperweight has a bright color like gold, and the appearance is exquisite and durable, so it has high collection value and appreciation value.

With the development of society, there are more and more kinds of paperweights. While retaining the peaceful atmosphere of classical books, various new ideas have been introduced and various new elements have been integrated. No matter the material or shape of paperweights, they are all developing towards the direction of diversification.

Post time: Aug-12-2019
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