the principals’ forum of the national tungsten mining enterprises will be held soon in 2019

The geological and mining branch of China tungsten industry association will hold the symposium and meeting of national tungsten enterprise leaders in Changchun, Jilin province from September 5 to 6..

I. Meeting time

September 5 ~ 6, the whole day report on the 5th, the morning report on the 6th, the afternoon discussion on the 6th.

II. Venue of the meeting

Jinan hotel, Changchun, 499 Xinhua road, Chaoyang district, Changchun, Jilin.

III. Meeting contents

1. Mr. He binquan, President of geological mine branch, delivered a speech.

2, the new era of China’s mining rights management reform and tungsten mining rights management new provisions and new requirements

Presenter: xu shuping, director of mineral development research office, oil and gas resources strategic research center, ministry of natural resources

3. Mining industry basic trend and market situation analysis

Speaker: Chen jiabin, director of the research office of resource and economic management, Chinese academy of land and resources economics

4. Tungsten market situation

Reporter: liu liangxian, vice President and secretary-general of China tungsten industry association

5. New trend of tungsten mine development abroad and global tungsten terminal application

Speaker: fang jiyun, office director of China tungsten industry association

6. Evaluation and investigation of “three rate” index for rational exploitation and utilization of tungsten mineral resources

Reporter: yu zequan, deputy secretary-general of China tungsten industry association

7. Conception of intelligent mine construction of hunan shizhuyuan nonferrous metals co., LTD

Speaker: shi zhizhong, deputy general manager of hunan persimmon and bamboo garden company

8. Discussion and exchange

(1) self-discipline of tungsten mining enterprises

(2) construction of intelligent and green tungsten mine

(3) problems existing in tungsten mine development and policy Suggestions

(4) supply and demand of tungsten products

(5) key work direction of geological and mining branch

Welcome the enterprises and related units of tungsten association to the meeting, and welcome the enterprises to introduce new equipment, new technology and new products at the meeting.

Post time: Aug-05-2019
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