Supporting models of lithium iron phosphate accounted for 69% of the 8th batch of catalog

On September 9, the ministry of industry and information technology of the People’s Republic of China (miit) released the new energy vehicle promotion and application recommended model catalogue (batch 8, 2019), which contains 246 models. Among them, 210 models meet the technical requirements of 2019 national financial subsidies, accounting for 85 percent, up 20 percentage points from 65 percent in the 7th batch of catalog.

Of the 246 models, 111 were new-energy vehicles, accounting for 45%.96 new energy passenger cars, accounting for 39%;39 new energy passenger vehicles, accounting for 16%.

Battery technology, lithium iron phosphate battery supporting 169 models, accounting for 69%;Ternary battery supporting 59 models, accounting for 24%;8 types of hydrogen fuel cells; Supporting 5 types of lithium manganese acid battery;3 matching lithium titanate batteries; One type of lithium iron phosphate battery/multi-element composite lithium battery. It is worth noting that the three models matched with the three lithium titanate batteries are all pure electric buses of Guangdong brand. In terms of fast charging rate, the fast charging rate of one model is between 3c-5c (inclusive), and that of two models is between 5c-15c (inclusive).

In terms of vehicle models, 82% of passenger vehicles are equipped with ternary batteries;87% of passenger cars are equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries;71% of the cars are equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries.

As for supporting battery enterprises, the 8th batch of catalogue involves nearly 50 enterprises. Among them, ningde times supporting 106 models, yiwei lithium energy, byd supporting the ranking is also relatively high.

In terms of battery energy density, the energy density of battery system reaches up to 175Wh/kg among 226 non-quick-charge pure electric models in the 8th batch of catalog. It is an all-electric sedan of Trumpchi brand of gac passenger car, which is equipped with tri-yuan battery of dianning times.

In terms of range, in this batch of catalogues, there are 5 models with a range less than 250km, 14 models with a range of 250-400km (excluding 400km), and 13 models with a range greater than or equal to 400km.The changan car, which has a range of up to 605km, is powered by a three-way battery made by byd.

In addition, chevy’s first all-electric sedan, the chevy MENLO, is included in the catalog, which carries saic-era three-way batteries and is expected to be available this year.

According to the recent batches of recommended catalogues, the proportion of supporting special vehicle models of lithium iron phosphate battery is more than 70%, which provides a higher safety and reliability than three-way battery. As new subsidies fade, battery energy density is no longer an advantage, and higher safety gives consumers greater comfort. It is reported that researchers have designed a lithium battery with oxygen vacancy tungsten oxide powder as the additive of electrode material.


Post time: Sep-16-2019
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