molybdenum market


At the beginning of this week, the domestic molybdenum price continues to be firm and firm, the raw material supply tension eases relatively slowly, which plays a strong supporting role to the high price of some molybdenum compounds.

Molybdenum concentrate, the market turnover performance is considerable, due to the flood season and the second round of the first batch of environmental protection inspectors, part of the small and medium-sized molybdenum ore construction difficulties, plus by the downstream to fill warehouse stimulation, molybdenum concentrate spot inventory is very little; In terms of ferro- molybdenum, market divergence game is obvious, and there is a certain price difference in steel bid. Under the influence of tight raw material supply and good steel demand, the mainstream quotation of products still maintains a rising trend. In terms of molybdenum chemical industry and products, the actual selling price and sales volume are relatively stable. Under the support of the shortage of raw materials in the upstream, the intention to sell at a low price is weak, and the traders just need to purchase.

Post time: Jul-29-2019
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