fifteen battery enterprises entered the fourth batch of green factory list

15 battery enterprises respectively for the micro macro power, tianjin groupama solid, wanda, tianjin science and technology, new material hin silver long new energy, windsurfing, battery group, jiangsu amd, day can levy, day to battery (wuhu), ningde era, shandong shengyang, amd, guangdong, henan hong hydrogen guanyu battery, zhuhai, zhaoqing.

Of the 29 green-designed products, 22 are lead-acid batteries and 7 are lithium batteries. Lead-acid battery: evaluation standard: technical specification for evaluation of green design products lead-acid battery (T/CAGP 0022-2017, T/CAB 0022-2017);

Design highlights: starting lead acid battery cycle life is not less than 220 times, power is not less than 450 times, plastic recycling rate is not less than 99%, lead recycling rate is 100%.Lead consumption, withdrawals, energy consumption per unit product, wastewater discharge total lead, waste gas discharge total lead in accordance with the battery industry cleaner production evaluation index system of Ⅰ level requirement. Lithium battery: evaluation standard: technical specification for evaluation of green design products lithium ion battery (T/CEEIA 280-2017);Design highlights: the mercury content in the battery module shall not exceed 0.0005% of the total weight of the product, and the cadmium content shall not exceed 0.002% of the total weight of the product. The cycle life of consumer batteries shall not be less than 300 times and the capacity retention rate shall be 60%.

With the development of society, people’s awareness of environmental protection has been greatly improved. At present, material scientists at home and abroad have developed many electrode materials with the advantages of non-toxic, harmless, easy recycling and high efficiency, such as nanometer tungsten oxide electrode. If they can be promoted vigorously, it will accelerate the construction of green manufacturing system.

Post time: Jul-22-2019
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